As autumn is finally in full swing, football is the talk of every town all across the nation. And as with every football season, the successes, triumphs, failures, and upsets will be documented and logged into the yearbook of every high school throughout the United States. However, along with statistics, injuries will also be at the forefront of every community. In recent years, football has been highly scrutinized for its propensity for injury, and for good reason. Although there have been numerous attempts by schools, colleges, and organizations alike to limit the risk for injury, it seems as though the demanding, hard-hitting action of football has this risk as an inherent aspect of the sport itself.

With that said, are you prepared for all of the potential risks?

Common Football Injuries

While concussions stand near the top of the list for the worst type of injury that most often occurs in football, there are a number of other common injuries that also plague teams and players each and every season. For instance, ACL injuries are always common and affect almost every team each and every season. And what makes these injuries stand out, is that they’re typically not caused by contact. Instead, these types of injuries occur with the awkward movements like pivots, hurdles, and jukes that force the body into awkward positions. While the treatment for ACL injuries vary, orthopedic surgery is almost always required to repair the damage.
Meniscus tears and ankle sprains are also two very common injuries that occur to football players throughout every season. Similar to ACL injuries, meniscus tears occur when a knee is overextended or awkwardly bent when contact is made during a hit or tackle. In some cases, a meniscus can heal on its own, but surgery is also an option for more serious cases.
In addition, ankles can be sprained in a number of different ways. It can be something as simple as a rut in the field that causes a star running back to lose their balance and awkwardly land on their ankle, causing it to sprain or break.
It seems as though injuries are simply inevitable in such a high-impact sport, right?

Common Remedies

While many of the types of injuries experienced throughout a football game require some type of surgical treatment, it is best advised that you are aware of your local orthopedic specialist in the event that you, your child, or another member of your family experience an injury during their next game or practice session. Here in Denver, Colorado, Orthopedic Associates is your number-one team for all orthopedic injuries. Our orthopedic specialists and surgeons are well-trained in these types of injuries and will always work with you to determine the best possible form of treatment, whether it be surgery or physical therapy. Keep our number on speed dial, so that you can give us a call the moment an injury occurs!

Have you experienced any of these injuries? Share your story in the comments below!

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