The One Workout To Keep You Safe On The Slopes!

With winter closing in on us, ski season has already begun in some parts of the nation! And that means that you need to do everything you can to ensure that your body is well-prepared to handle the slips, slides, and slaloms of the slopes this ski season. Remember, nothing is more important than preparing your body for the demanding twists, turns, jumps, and stops that you’re going to demand of it when you find yourself zooming down the slopes at warp speed.

We’d be proud to share with you a quick, simple, 10-minute workout specifically designed to help you get your body in shape before ski season really gets underway. If you’re ready to get the inside scoop on this workout, continue reading down below!

The Major Muscle Groups

Are you aware of the major muscle groups that your body relies on to ensure that you maintain proper form while hitting the slopes? If you’re not, we’ll fill you in! Your leg muscle group, your glutes, and your core are the most important muscle groups when it comes to skiing. This means that whatever workouts you follow or whatever preparation your execute prior to your next ski trip should always include these three critical muscle groups.

Think about it, your legs are your support system, your glutes provide you with the ability to remain agile while moving, and your core is responsible for keeping you balanced, in touch with your center of gravity, and strong enough to hit the curves, jumps, and dips with confidence. These major muscle groups are absolutely critical towards protecting your safety while on the slopes, which means it’s just as important to prepare them prior to your first run.

Take A Look At Our Workout

Dumbbell Deadlifts For 20 Seconds

  • This workout will stretch out and strengthen your hamstrings, which are essential support providers when skiing.

Bodyweight Squats For 20 Seconds

  • Use your own body weight to align your spine and strengthen your core. This will help you maintain a sound center of gravity when moving downhill.

Skater Hops For 20 Seconds

  • This lateral weight-shifting workout allows you to work on your balance, while also strengthening your core and glute muscles.

Jumping Lunges For 20 Seconds

  • Similar to skater hops, this weight-shifting workout helps to develop a strong center of gravity by strengthening your core and glutes.

Plank For 30 Seconds

  • This core-strengthening exercise is a must if you’re looking to ensure that your body moves in unison when navigating those tight turns on the slopes.

Side Plank For 30 Seconds

  • Similar to conventional planks, side plank exercises help to further develop your core strength.

Now, once you’ve completed each workout, rest for three minutes before starting the circuit over again for two more rounds of completion! If you’re looking to stay safe on the slopes this winter, this quick, easy, 10-minute workout should definitely become part of your primary preparation process.

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