In the midst of COVID our mental health has certainly taken a toll. We have masks, mandates, vaccines, boosters, social distancing, contact tracing, and quarantines to deal with; all while many face the loss of loved ones or their own hard road back to health. The stress and pain is real. But what is also real is the need to deal effectively with the stress and manage it head on.

It can be hard to stay up beat or feel happiness and joy at this time. But don’t be a victim to your own mood. It can be hard after the holidays in a normal year, but this year we are fatigued from the pandemic. Even in the middle of cold winter days. you can overcome!

There are things that you can do to improve your mood right now – it’s important to focus on what we can control and deal with what we cannot.

So what can you do to take some control back? Here are 3 tips.

  1. Get vaccinated, get boosted. This reduces the possibility of you and your loved ones getting sick. 2 years into the pandemic the vaccine is the best way to control your health. If you or your relatives or friends aren’t fully vaccinated, or you haven’t gotten your children over age 5 vaccinated yet, now’s the time for them or you to talk with a trusted medical professional about any concerns or hesitations.

2. Get moving! Get healthy! Get outside! This includes diet AND exercise. Fresh air and exercise can have a tremendous effect on your mood and subsequently your health. Be active and spontaneous! When the sun is out – get out! Take your dog for an extra long walk, or call a friend and walk. This can help improve your sleep, lose weight and avoid seasonal depression!

3. Learn something new. Take control and experience something new. This is the fastest way to open your mind! Learn a new language, take on a new hobby, read a book, get a new online or in person designation or license. Improve your career or your enjoyment with the simple goal of learning something new.

Overall, just give yourself time and space. Take the time to plan ahead for self-care and activities that are good for you. When you are tired, rest but try to be aware of external factors that might be contributing.

Take control of the situation! 2022 is our year – we got this!

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