Spring break is here but that doesn’t mean you have to completely lose your fitness routine. In fact it can be time to step it up and enhance your time off!

Dreaming of sun, sand and fun? Blue skies and suntans? Well your trip is sure to be epic – especially if you can incorporate some fitness into your days!

Tempo / Beach Runs & Walks

2 weeks ago we covered the proper techniques for beach running. So take advantage of that view, that sand and go for a beautiful walk or run! It’s not everyday that your gym includes miles of sandy beach. Go early before the day is too warm, pack water, wear a hat and sunscreen. This will kick up your metabolism for the rest of your day!


You may not be an avid yogi, however many hotels and resort towns have yoga classes that take place in beautiful settings. Not only is this great exercise for the body, it is great exercise for your mind. So take a stress-relieving class and center yourself!

Drink Water!

Drinking fluids can be tough when you are away from home. Often you are subject to humidity that you are not accustomed to and you are not in your own space with your water nearby. Make sure you pack and drink water all day everyday. Make sure your family is doing the same. Eating out and staying active can take its toll on your body so don’t let it get away from you!

Remember to bring a water bottle with you!


While you are away, if it is safe to do so choose to walk! Instead of taking the golf cart or taxi walk… Walking can drastically change your calorie burn on vacation when you typically don’t get a lot of physical activity. It’s a great way to get in some extra steps! Wear your sport watch and really see just how active you are!

Pack your Athletic Gear

Don’t give yourself an excuse to not stay fit before you even arrive. Although you may be spending a lot of time outside in warm temperatures, don’t forget to bring a good pair of athletic shoes along. Swimsuits and shorts aren’t the only thing that need to make it into your suitcase! After all, if you don’t have them, you can’t use them!

Eat Healthy

Plan your days ahead and go easy on the alcohol. These two tips can make all the difference in your trip. If you pack and plan to eat healthy you are much more likely to succeed! Watch the all-day swim up bar time and watch the sugar-packed cocktails. DRINK WATER and plan ahead and strategically purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from either a grocery store or a local farmer’s market is a simple way to maintain healthy eating habits while you’re out and about.

Now go Denver and enjoy your spring break!

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