Now that Labor Day is over, all of those runners out there are preparing to face the colder months in stride – literally! And while the weather certainly plays a large part in the runner’s war, there’s something else that can be just as dangerous. It’s something that runners battle all year ‘round, too! Any guesses?

As it turns out, one of the biggest struggles that runners face year round are sore feet. And while this may seem obvious, the ways in which runners go about remedying this might not be so obvious. You might think to yourself – “that’s an easy fix. Just get good insoles for your shoe, or give yourself a break!” But as it turns out, it’s just not that simple.

What Exactly Causes Sore Feet In Runners?
Unfortunately, and because foot pain is often a multi-faceted ailment, pinpointing the source of sore feet isn’t as easy as it sounds. Running is a high impact activity, which means that all areas of your feet, including the joints of your ankles and knees experience heavy shock with every step – and in the winter months, this could be increased even more due to reduced traction, a faster pace, frozen ground if you run on a dirt path, and much more.

However, there are a few common causes that seem to be the source for many runners. As it turns out, decreased or limited mobility of one joint can negatively impact the strength of another. And when we’re talking about the foot, this effect becomes even more clear. Essentially, when you have one joint in the foot working harder than another, you have an uneven balance in the ways in which our feet are designed to absorb shock or to push off the ground to propel us forward.

When this happens, we can increase inflammation, create excess stress, and experience intensely sore feet for days on end after a single run!

The Solution
Now, it’s true that no two runners are ever the same, which means that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of solution for this common ailment. But at Orthopedic Associates, our team of experienced orthopedics and physical therapists are always ready to work with our clients and ensure that we get them on a comprehensive treatment plan early on, so that they do not continue to damage their joints or increase the amount of stress being placed on their feet.

As orthopedic specialists, we’re standing at the ready to offer an innovative physical therapy strategy that can help to ensure that you make it back outside to do what you love this winter. We want to help you get a leg up on the enemy as you continue to fight the runner’s war.

Contact us today and talk to one of our specialists. We’d be glad to help!

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