When struggling with orthopedic conditions, such as back pain and arthritis, the pain and discomfort can quickly get in the way of you living your life like usual. You may have noticed that the chronic pain appears to be worsening, and you’re not sure what you can do to relieve some of that pain and try to do the things you enjoy most. While living with chronic pain is challenging, there are a few ways to manage chronic pain caused by orthopedic conditions and get much-needed relief.

#1. Participate in Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy is one of the best ways to manage chronic pain. When you attend physical therapy sessions, you can discover how to improve your range of motion without causing additional discomfort. Although it takes time, effort, and consistency, with regular sessions, you can eventually reduce the pain and improve the overall function of different areas of the body, such as the legs and arms. The physical therapist will develop an individualized therapy plan custom-tailored to meet your needs.

#2. Try Simple Pain Relief Techniques at Home

Getting relief is, at times, as simple as applying a cold compress or a heating pad to the area causing discomfort. You may find comfort in wearing heated patches that conveniently stick to the body, so you can wear them while moving around the home or even on the go. Along with the heated patches, heating pads, and cold compresses, you can try soaking in a warm bath or hot tub to ease aching joints and muscles, getting natural relief in no time.

#3. Focus on Adding Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Your Diet

Some foods provide the body with anti-inflammatory properties, such as blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, turmeric, salmon, and more. There are so many good foods to add to your diet that can help you in your quest to manage chronic pain caused by orthopedic conditions. From preparing fresh fruit and veggie smoothies for breakfast or snacks to adding more fish full of omega-3 fatty acids to your plate for lunch or dinner, consuming more anti-inflammatory foods may help you feel a difference in your pain level experienced each day.

#4. Take an Over-the-Counter Medication If Necessary

When you’re still having difficulty getting relief from the pain despite trying everything else, certain types of over-the-counter pain medications, including acetaminophen, can help you get temporary relief from the chronic pain. If you don’t want to take oral medication, you can try topical pain relieving lotions and ointments, applying a generous amount to the area causing you the most discomfort, such as your knees, back, or joints. Before taking any medication, reach out to your primary care physician to ensure it’s good for you to take to get relief.

Trying to manage your chronic pain caused by orthopedic conditions may seem impossible. However, with physical therapy, at-home treatments, anti-inflammatory foods, and over-the-counter medication approved by your physician, you may get the relief you need when the pain is too much for you to handle.

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