Many people have unique goals they’d like to accomplish in life, and for Alex Harz, it was climbing Mt. Everest to reach the summit at 29,032 feet/8849 meters.  However, due to multiple soccer injuries and a torn meniscus caused by continuous rock climbing, he wasn’t so sure that would ever be possible.  Even so, he didn’t give up on the idea of overcoming the pain and discomfort caused by those injuries and eventually getting to the point where he felt good enough to make a daring attempt at achieving his lifelong dream.

Seeing a medical professional is often the best solution for sports-related injuries, such as a torn meniscus.  Unfortunately, these injuries don’t usually heal on their own and may require surgical procedures, post-surgical therapy, and other professional treatments to help with the healing process.  Knowing and understanding that it was necessary to seek professional medical assistance after his first ACL injury, this man with big dreams of making it to the peak of Mt. Everest decided to do extensive research to find the top ortho specializing in sports-related injuries and ailments.  It’s how he came across Dr. Joel Gonzales at Orthopedic Associates, a top-rated orthopedic professional known for providing a welcoming environment where patients receive high-quality care every single time.

Finding the Perfect Match

It’s not uncommon for patients to struggle to find that perfect match when seeking medical care for sports injuries.  Of course, most would like to see an orthopedic specialist with a good bedside manner who is willing to listen to what they have to say and help them recover as quickly and efficiently as possible from their injuries.  However, that often requires a lot of trial and error with contacting different medical professionals and going to consultations to get a feel for how they treat their patients.  Not everyone has time to do that, so Alex Harz decided to do his own research.

While doing the research, he came across Dr. Joel Gonzales, noticing he had a reputation as an expert in his field working with high-level athletes to help them get back to doing what they love in less time.  In his search to find a caring orthopedic specialist, Alex read through mountains of feedback from previous clients of Dr. Joel and noticed they had nothing but good things to say about their experiences.  The positive feedback inspired him to reach out to OA, scheduling an appointment to meet with the doctor himself for the first time.

From that first visit, noticing the photo references on the office wall and listening to Dr. Joel Gonzales speak, he felt assured he was in good hands and decided to go through with the suggested procedures that were then performed by the top-rated medical professional in Denver, Colorado.

Over time these procedures included two ACL surgeries on both the right and left sides as well as a meniscus tear, which after being successfully treated by Dr. Gonzales left Alex feeling much better and more confident.

Because of Dr. Joel’s commitment to his patients, close attention to detail, and willingness to explain, in detail, the step-by-step process involved in completing different procedures for his patients, he managed to exceed Alex’s expectations.  He kept his word and provided the highest level of care possible.

Turning Dreams Into a Very Real Reality

Alex Harz, the man who had always wanted to visit Mt. Everest since he was a little boy, was grateful for the exceptional quality care he received from Dr. Joel.  All three surgeries went smoothly, and he was able to heal at a steady and comfortable pace while following the doctor’s physical therapy and treatment recommendations.  As a result, not only did he heal well enough to feel better and recover from those injuries, but he also healed well enough to ultimately turn his childhood dream and promise of climbing Mt. Everest into a reality that would change his life in an instant. 

Despite once suffering from multiple injuries sustained while participating in several sports, he now had an opportunity to experience Nepal and Mt. Everest like very few ever have.  He could finally achieve his childhood goal of visiting the area and taking on the climb of his life, so he did just that, which led to Alex spending 63 days in Nepal filming the initial installments of his new ‘THE QUEST’ Series. Not only did Alex Harz put himself out there and make his dream come true, but he recorded his journey and turned it into an incredible documentary and virtual reality experience for millions of others around the world to enjoy.

‘THE QUEST’: An Immersive 2D + VR Documentary Series

‘THE QUEST’ is an immersive 2D + Virtual Reality series designed to take global audiences on epic educational thrill-rides to reveal amazing “rarely seen” stories from the most fascinating places on earth.  The first editions of the series, ‘THE QUEST: Nepal‘ Documentary and ‘THE QUEST: Everest VR‘ Experience, are extraordinary journeys to deeper understand + climb the most iconic mountain in the world, Everest, and to unveil the unique culture, history and nature of Nepal.  The exhilarating footage offers a closer look into what it’s like to climb and survive for 52 days on a grueling Mt. Everest expedition, something billions of people worldwide have never had the opportunity to see or experience firsthand.  It includes one-of-a-kind stories and footage from different captivating places throughout Nepal, and the breathtakingly beautiful scenery is sure to leave viewers in awe.

Before meeting Dr. Joel Gonzales and undergoing his well-timed, professional surgical procedures, the thought of climbing Mt. Everest and experiencing its beauty was just a childhood promise that seemed too far out of reach.  However, because of the doctor’s professionalism and natural love for treating patients to help them feel better and overcome different injuries, he and his team at Orthopedic Associates helped to make someone’s lifelong dream come true.

THE QUEST: Nepal’ will premiere on May 24 in North America on multiple platforms and is available for presale on both Apple TV and iTunes.  If you’d like to experience this educational and exciting documentary from anywhere in the world, be sure to check it out!

‘THE QUEST: Nepal’ Documentary Premiers on May 24th!?

‘THE QUEST: Nepal’ is an epic journey to deeper understand + climb the most iconic mountain in the world, Everest, and to unveil the fascinating culture, history and nature of Nepal.??
THE QUEST: Nepal’ has humbly won 12 film festival awards so far, and is now available for exclusive Pre-sale on Apple TV, ITunes and Amazon Prime Video until its release on May 24th…
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