Most hip replacements last well after the surgery was performed, a new study says. About six in 10 hip replacements performed 25 years ago have remained in place, according to a new study published Thursday. Additionally, 89% were still in place 15 years later and 70 percent lasted 20 years.

This is great news for those that need hip replacements. They not only improve the quality of the lives of so many, but they do so consistently over time. This is a relief for patients and can help ease worries when making the choice to undergo a replacement.

This new research also shows that durability comes along with knee replacement surgery. About 90 percent of total knee replacements and 72 percent of unicondylar knee replacements last for roughly 20 years.

“Previous studies have been based on much smaller samples. At best, the NHS has only been able to say how long replacements are designed to last, rather than referring to actual evidence from multiple patients’ experiences of joint replacement surgery,” said Jonathan Evans, a researcher at the Bristol Medical School and study lead author, said in a news release. “Given the improvement in technology and techniques in the last 25 years, we expect that hip or knee replacements put in today may last even longer.”

The National Institutes of Health estimate that one million total joint arthroplasty surgeries occur each year. They project that number to shoot up to nearly four million by 2030.


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