2020 is finally here – and with resolutions to stick to, targets to set, goals to achieve, and new tasks added to the agenda, the last thing you might be thinking is, “man, I really should schedule my shoulder surgery.” But we have some news for you!

2020 is the right year for shoulder surgery, should you require a full shoulder replacement procedure! In fact, did you know that nearly 16 million Americans experience severe shoulder pain and inflammation year ‘round? Did you know that out of those 16 million, many of them experience arthritis and even loss of mobility? If you’re one of those 16 million, then now is the time to schedule your shoulder replacement surgery for 2020.

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

In recent years, the cost for total shoulder replacement surgery (shoulder arthroplasty) has been decreasing steadily with the passing of each new year. And here in 2020, these rates are as low as they’ve ever been, which means that you can finally reap the benefits of cutting-edge surgical technology to finally regain control of your critical shoulder joint and feel good when moving it. It’s time for you to take control over your own health, and this is how it starts.

What Does A Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery Entail?

A total shoulder replacement surgery – also known as shoulder arthroplasty, involves replacing a damaged, broken, or immobile joint with an artificial one made from a combination of metal and plastic. While there is a brief recovery period, the procedure is highly effective in reducing pain, swelling, inflammation, and arthritis. Moreover, it’s also associated with a reduced risk for post-surgical complications than it’s arthroplasty counterparts, knee and hip replacements. There’s a reason for why 99% of people who undergo the procedure wish that they’d done it sooner – because it’s effective, it’s cheap, and it helps them feel better than they’ve ever felt! The Fears

Now, the fears are simple – many people fear that undergoing a total shoulder replacement surgery could be just too costly or too risky. Maybe it’ll put them out of work for too long, maybe the financial implications could leave you trapped in a repayment plan for far too long – but those fears are easily squashed. Shoulder arthroplasty is notably cheaper than knee and hip replacement surgeries – with some patients saving upwards of $5,000. And the recovery time is arguably faster than a knee or hip replacement surgery!

The writing is on the wall – if you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain, inflammation, joint pain, swelling, or immobility, it might be time for you to consider scheduling your shoulder surgery. With rates as low as they’ve ever been, 2020 is the year to fix your body to ensure that you can live your life on your own terms – comfortably.

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