The winter months reduce our ability to go outside and get active, and if you’re the type of person who thrives in the sunshine and lives for hikes, walks, and long summer runs, the winter can be tough. Plus, with COVID-19 restrictions, people are more housebound than ever and may not have access to the exercise class or gym membership that they once loved. Finding the motivation to persevere and remain consistent with at home workouts can be a challenge, and that is why our top recommendation is to use an app, download, a program, or get yourself into a daily routine with the help of some accountability. In this post, we will outline four amazing digital resources to help you get in the flow of exercising at home and on your own.

  1. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler hosts a popular YouTube channel ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ where she helps people with mental, emotional, and physical health. Her channel is constantly being updated with new at home yoga sessions which she teaches with kindness and compassion, and her content is available for free. Adriene’s YouTube channel includes yoga practices for anyone and everyone, from beginner to advanced. She hosts 30-day themed challenges and series, short sessions to help wake up in the morning, and other themed videos for specific issues like depression, stomach aches, back pain, heart break, and more, to suit the needs of any participant.

  1. StretchIt

Flexibility and mobility are so essential to overall physical health and wellness and stretching is a great type of exercise to pursue at home where you have the ability to get on the floor, challenge yourself, and achieve goals. The StretchIt app offers classes for different subject areas including yoga, gymnastics, Pilates, and more organized by targeted body areas like back, splits, or full body. Classes are available in different lengths, and you can enroll in personalized training programs that will help you achieve you goals and track your progress with photos of your own workouts.

  1. None To Run

For some people, running comes naturally and is an automatic, mindless, and restorative form of exercise that takes little excruciating effort. But for most people, running is a challenge and is a dreaded form of exercise—especially in the cold weather. If you are excited about the idea of running in the winter, catching the sunrise, or getting ready for the warmer months, the None to Run app is geared towards beginners and provides training schedules to help you improve your running abilities over a three-month plan. Overall, the app works to increase endurance, strength, and form so that you make progress and do it without getting hurt.

  1. Stacked

Stacked is the weightlifter’s assistant. It allows users to track their weight, movements, reps, and more, while enabling you to set a goal and watch your progress. You can also use the app to store workouts, develop training plans to achieve your goals, or find pre-existing workouts from other people that you can try on your lifting journey.

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