As the snow falls and parts of the US see record cold temperatures it is hard to imagine that Spring Break is just around the corner… but it is! In 6 short weeks Coloradans will be ditching the slopes and heading south for some sun. But are you ready for your beach sport? Think ahead about those wonderful long walks and runs on the beach! This week OA shares some tips on getting Spring Break ready so that you can avoid the injuries and enjoy the sunshine!

The beach can be your gym and your playground. Strength-enhancing workouts are fun on the sand. Sand provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen your ankles, knees and arches even more than running on pavement or a treadmill.

The Basics:

  • -Wear sunscreen and reapply often! You may not be at 5280 feet above sea level but you are exposed to a lot of sun which can be intensified when near and in water!
  • -Running in the bright sun? Sunglasses and a hat or visor are a must – make sure your glasses are UV rated
  • -Stay hydrated! Drink water often
  • -Run in the morning, or evening – if you run between 10:00AM and 4:00PM you are at a higher risk or sun related fatigue and burn.
  • -Cover your shoulders… consider wearing a lightweight shirt that covers your shoulder. They will take a beating from the sun as your run along the reflective surface of the ocean.

Tips for Beach Running:

  • -Check the local tide report before you begin so you are sure you have the space and the time to complete your workout before high tide rolls in
  • -Run at low tide, when the sand is packed, wet and hardened to avoid unwanted twists and turns on your body
  • -Stay near the edge of water without getting your feet wet. If you step into the water you may not notice an edge that can cause a tumble.

Tips for Beach Walks:

  • -Want to make the most out of a beach stroll? Stay in dry sand and create a workout focused on leg strength
  • -Keep a good pace and increase get your cardio in while checking out the scenery

Do I wear shoes or do I go barefoot?

  • -Going without shoes certainly will strengthen your feet in ways you don’t likely get often outside in Colorado. However if you go too hard or too fast you can cause injury to your feet and ankles. So take it slow at first.
  • -Starting out barefoot? Start with walks, work up to runs and stay on the packed, wet sand and considering carrying your shoes in a small pack with your water.
  • -Have plantar fasciitis, achilles pain or ankle problems? Barefoot beach workouts may not be the best for you and could worsen your symptoms. Start with 5 minute walks and make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for pain.
  • -Are you staying near a rocky beach or one with lots of shells? Wear your running shoes and stay closer to packed sand and avoid painful and dangerous cuts.

So as you head out for the sun this spring Denver keep these tips in mind and stay focused on your run and fun!


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