Managing this hectic and social time of year can be tough, but we have tips for you! 

From the work holiday parties, to the gatherings with friends, to the family events many of us will attend for the first time in a couple of years, this time of year can be crazy. The chaos of managing a social schedule, travel plans, guest visits, and the ongoing to do list that comes with hosting and gift-giving can make it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle from November to January. Avoid stress and follow our tips to help you focus on your health in these busy and celebratory times.

Stick to your typical sleep schedule

With late-night events, parties, and social obligations, it can be easy into slip into a bad sleep-hygiene routine. Or, worse yet, no sleep routine. As many already know, sleep is an essential function to survival—it is the time when the body recharges, digests, processes, and resets. Without it, our immune systems are weak, and our minds and bodies are tired and foggy. Keep yourself physically and mentally healthy this season by prioritizing a regular sleep schedule even amidst the parties and celebrations.

Take alone time to recuperate

Between buying gifts, organizing events, hosting guests, and spending time with friends, family, and colleagues, this time of year is socially demanding and can become draining. Give yourself time to recharge by having alone time where you can reset and recharge. With so many obligations, one’s time can get out of control. Make sure to carve out this personal space and consider incorporating mindfulness and meditation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Take care of your immune system

COVID is still spreading, and we are now entering flu season which gives everyone that extra susceptibility to getting sick. Make sure to protect yourself by consistently washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, and keeping your immune system strong with vitamin supplements like Vitamin C, B6, and E.

Re-invent your holiday workout routine

Exercising and maintaining a consistent workout schedule can be difficult at this time of year with constant schedule changes, events, and interruptions. Instead of giving up on it entirely, try re-inventing your routine and expectations. Find a YouTube channel with quick home workouts, buy a travel yoga mat, or focus on taking a walk as often as possible, wherever you are. Even squeezing in those 10-15 minutes of activity can make a world of difference for your physical and mental health.

Take everything in moderation

Most of all when it comes to the holiday season, take everything in moderation. From consuming junk food and deserts, to drinking alcohol, or partying, focus on having fun and enjoying yourself, while also maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Make sure to get rest, to get outside, and to consume a healthy number of fruits and vegetables to balance out the indulgent, delicious meals of the winter season.

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