All It Takes Is Some Tips, Some Tricks, And Some Dedication To Health

Every last one of us wants good bones, right? As a child, we’re constantly reinforced with the idea that healthy bones equal a healthy life. We’re told to drink our milk, receive our daily dose of calcium, and load up on fruits and veggies to build up our bones, so that when we make it into our later years, we’re able to enjoy them and live long and healthy lives.

But somewhere amongst the hustle and bustle of our teenaged years, our early twenties, and our parenting life, those concerns about building our bones get pushed to the wayside. And that’s okay! It happens to all of us! However, we’re here to remind you that you can still build good bones, regardless of your age, because healthy bones are absolutely vital to your wellbeing today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.

Diet – Diet – Diet!

At the end of the day, your diet is going to impact your health on a holistic level. It can affect everything from energy levels, to mood, to joint health, heart health, and yes, even bone health. Eat a healthy diet to ensure that you build good bones and make them as strong as they can be. Build up your calcium stores with calcium-rich foods like dairy products, almonds, leafy vegetables and greenery, and even foods seafoods like salmon and sardines! Remember, whatever you put into your body should always be physically beneficial and not just enough to satisfy a craving or a taste!


Like anything else, exercise builds things. It builds muscle, strength, endurance, and most importantly, good bones. Bones are living tissue, and it’s important to remember that when you engage in any sort of physical activity. Exercising at least four days a week can help you to slow down bone loss, it can help you build muscles around your bones, which will ultimately aid in the strength of your bones, and it can improve your coordination and balance to ultimately prevent nasty falls, injuries, sprains, and breaks.

Leave The Partying Behind

Along with your diet, typical party favors like cigarettes and booze can play a large roll in damaging your bones. It’s obvious that too much of anything can be a bad thing, but when it comes to cigarettes and alcohol, we can’t downplay the negative effects that they have on your body. In particular, cigarettes have been associated with osteoporosis, fractures, and even lower bone density for years, and it’s known that alcohol absorbs calcium, leaving your bones with little left to feed off of.

Now, no one is suggesting to cut all the fun out of your life, but being mindful of the effects that these substances can have on your bones can be all that it takes towards preventing the onset of arthritis, osteoporosis, or other bone diseases later in life.

Orthopedic Associates

Here at Orthopedic Associates, we’re proud to be your partner in your quest to achieve the ultimate level of bone health. We’ll help you change your diet, develop an exercise plan, and help you choose the right foods to ensure that your bones are as strong as they could possibly be.

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