Spring is here but there is plenty of snow in the high country! Here are some tips to keep your spring runs heavenly and your body safe and healthy this amazing spring ski season!

Tip #1 – Follow the Sun

High temps in the spring and the angle of the sun can create a freeze-thaw-freeze cycle and for skiers this can be a blessing and a problem. Hitting heavy or icy snow without warning can cause injuries easily. This cycle results in early morning ice and late day slush. So in the morning warm up on the groomers and as the day progresses follow the sun… Choose runs with eastern exposure as they soften more quickly. After a few hours, the softer snow turns to something called “corn” snow or “hero” snow because it is really easy to ski… but hold on! That snow will quickly turn heavy and slushy so keep moving across the mountain and follow the sunshine!

Tip #2 – Use wax designed for warm-temperatures

Ever feel like spring snow makes your skis feel like your skiing through cement? When the snow becomes warm it becomes more wet in the sunshine – turning it warm and heavy.  A wax rated for warm temperatures can reduce the water suction effect that occurs when skiing the heavier pow.

Tip #3 – Lather Up

Even IF you are in search of a killer goggle tan, be sure to protect your face with a little (or a lot!) of sunscreen. Choose a high SPF that is broad spectrum.  And, don’t forget to re-apply. The mountain sun is strong, especially at high-altitude. On top of that, its more intense when it reflects off the snow on Colorado’s bluebird days. And, chapped lips and peeling skin probably isn’t the look you are hoping for at après hour!

Tip #4 – Still Pack a Jacket & Dress in Layers

Did you know that we have had 45″ of snow in the high country already in April? So don’t be fooled by the sunshine. As you ascend on the chair and find the deep powder stash on the dark side of the mountain, temperatures can swing suddenly – so don’t get stuck with hypothermia on your beautiful spring day. If you take a tumble you can hurt unexposed skin so keep it covered and layer up. We highly recommend a layer or two for rides on the chairlift rand after-ski meet ups. When the wind picks up or the sun goes down, temperatures plummet. Don’t be caught without backup.

Tip #5 – Sunglasses & Goggles

As we have mentioned the sun many times it seems obvious to pack sunglasses or goggles. But in the spring season it is important to pack both. Even if it seems that you need one or the other only, chances are you will need both. So protect your eyes – even at lunch time when you are soaking in the rays you will be glad you packed those shades.

Have a great weekend Colorado!

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