Staying active is vital to living a healthy, more fulfilling life. If you want to get in the best shape, reducing the pain experienced from living a sedentary lifestyle in the past while feeling good both inside and out, there are a few simple physical activities that can make such a difference. By improving your physical fitness levels and finding activities that bring you joy, you can strengthen your joints and muscles, maintain an ideal weight, and lower your risk of health conditions like heart disease. Check out this list of the top five physical activities you can start doing today!

#1. Brisk Walks

Brisk walks are easy enough for anyone to do! Who says you need to jog to get exercise, burn calories, and strengthen your muscles? Whether you struggle with pain caused by arthritis or have noticed your joints hurt more than they used to, getting up and going for more walks is an excellent way to get relief and nurture your body, providing it with the exercise needed to genuinely feel good. In addition, it’s one of the simplest exercises that doesn’t require using special fitness equipment to get the job done. Simply grab a good pair of walking shoes and head out the door, going on the exploration of a lifetime while you’re at it!

#2. Cycling (Traditional or Stationary Bike)

Do you remember a time when you were younger and would hop on your bicycle to ride around the neighborhood? You may not have known it then, but cycling is a super effective exercise that provides countless benefits. In fact, the benefits of exercise activities like cycling include weight management and pain relief. If you struggle with stiff knees and joints, you may notice that cycling outdoors or on a stationary bike at home for a minimum of 15 minutes daily makes quite the difference.

#3. Water Aerobics

When you’re already dealing with chronic pain, the thought of getting up and participating in physical activities may stress you out even more. However, water aerobics are great for those with stiff, aching joints and muscles. It’s much easier to move your body around while in the water, and you can continue to reap the benefits of exercise while you’re at it.

#4. Zumba (Dancing)

If you love music and dancing, Zumba is an excellent activity that can help you improve your physical fitness levels and get or stay in the best shape. While some fitness centers host these types of classes for visitors,, you can also watch Zumba videos at home from your television if you’d prefer working out at the house instead of going out for exercise.

#5. Swimming

Although slightly different from water aerobics, swimming is another water-related activity that can keep you in shape. You may notice that the aches and pains you’ve experienced in the past are subsiding when you start adding a few swimming sessions to your weekly routine. The naturally therapeutic exercise can ease your discomfort, help you burn calories, and enable you to build muscle throughout your body.

With simple physical activities like these, you can get in great shape and lower your risk of experiencing things like joint pain and back discomfort. If you’re looking for a way to be more active and get in better shape to improve your health and wellness, give at least one of these activities a try to experience the difference they can make.

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