Prepare your body for the strenuous activities with stretches!

Now that spring has arrived, you’re likely looking forward to participating in different sports, such as baseball, soccer, and tennis. The warmer weather leads to better days for fun outdoor activities that can keep you active. However, whether playing on the field or the court, it’s crucial to complete various stretches beforehand to protect your body and potentially prevent injuries, such as muscle tears. A few simple stretches before each game will keep your body in the best shape.

It Reduces Your Risk of Straining Your Muscles

When you randomly start exercising or moving your body around in ways that you usually don’t because you’re involved in physical activity, it can strain the muscles. The best way to avoid straining the muscles is to stretch your body beforehand and prepare it for what you’re getting ready to do, whether running on a field or even bouncing back and forth with a tennis racquet in your hand.

Stretching Helps with Flexibility

Stretching can improve your range of motion and help you become more flexible to perform to the best of your ability. Along with performing better, you have a lower risk of sustaining any injuries to the muscles and ligaments when you’re regularly stretching your body and becoming more flexible. After only a few weeks of stretching, you should notice how much more flexible you’ve become.

The Best Stretches to Do Before Sports

While you can do different stretches each day, these are some of the easiest and most effective movements that can keep you protected while active:

  • Seated Hamstrings – The seated hamstring stretch is simple and allows you to stretch your hamstring muscles and strengthen them. If you have stronger hamstring muscles, it’s easier to avoid injuries to the knees, ankles, and feet.
  • Forward Lunges – Doing forward lunges helps strengthen your core. A stronger core leads to fewer injuries while participating in any of your favorite sports.
  • Quad Stretch – Stretching your quad muscles prepares you for physical activity that involves walking or running. If you know that you’ll be running on a field, these stretches are a must!
  • Hip Circles – Completing hip circles helps you further enhance your range of motion to prevent joint and muscles injuries within that area.

These are only some of the easy stretches you can do before completing strenuous activities. Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes of stretching before each sports game, whether it’s an activity for fun or competition. The extra time spent stretching different areas of the body can make such a significant difference in how you feel after each exercise you do.

If you were diving right into sports without stretching your body beforehand, it could be the reason you’re constantly experiencing pain throughout the body. Avoid discomfort in the back, legs, feet, and other areas while preventing injuries by completing routine stretches. Try different stretches and list the ones you feel are most effective for you before incorporating them into your daily routine.

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