Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain During COVID-19

When it comes to the holiday season – everyone knows that this year is different from any other holiday season that we’ve experienced in years prior. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted virtually every aspect of our lives from end to end – and this year, it’s even made gathering for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays more difficult. However, we can’t let that stop us from enjoying the good foods that we love to enjoy during the winter months. Turkey, fish, pasta, and of course, a lovely array of baked goods! The holiday season always brings tasty dishes and family traditions together – and of course, there’s the dreaded phenomenon of holiday weight gain.

In years past, it would have been easy to hit the gym an extra day or two each week to work off that weight gain. But with the current restrictions in place, the gym might not be your best option. In this article, we’re going to talk about 3 different ways you can stay on top of your health this holiday season.

Solitary Activities

Since the pandemic began, solitary activities have been promoted as the best possible form of physical activity one can engage in during the pandemic. For instance, hiking, walking along a nature trail, a bike path etc. – these are all activities that you can perform alone, by yourself, following all social distancing guidelines, and with a mask over your face.
Remember, you want to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic – but you also want to avoid that holiday weight gain. So, if you’re feeling like you were a bit overindulgent during your holiday meal, be sure to work off some of those calories by skipping the gym, avoiding the group workout, and getting yourself outside to breathe in the fresh air at a safe distance from others.

Avoiding Excess Alcohol

Another important thing to keep in mind is your alcohol consumption. Remember, it’s important to share a few drinks, sip a nice glass of red wine, or toast some champagne on New Year’s, but then again, alcohol is full of added calories that your body simply doesn’t know what to do with! This can certainly result in some added weight gain – and all it takes is just a little restraint.

Fill Your Plate With Veggies

While it might be enticing to fill your plate with all of that starchy, carby goodness, it’s a better idea to skip the mashed potatoes and pasta and instead, go with veggies. Pay attention to the makeup of your plate at ever meal. If you don’t have at least 50% of your plate filled with nice green veggies, then it might be a good idea to rearrange your portions before you dig in!

Enjoy The Holidays – But Stay Healthy Too!

It’s time for you to enjoy the holidays this year. And now that you know how to avoid holiday weight gain, you’re all set.

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