It’s Certainly Possible! But How?

We all know that feeling – the one where our back aches, cries, and screams in pain as we finally stand up to get out of that dreaded office chair that we’ve been chained to for what seems like days – although it’s maybe been about an hour or two since we arrived at the office to start our day.

In today’s world, business is conducted using technology – and more specifically, digital technology. In recent years, mobile technology has completely exploded all around the world. In addition, digital technology has become engrained in business culture all throughout the world and for good reason – it allows users to be constantly connected to their jobs, their bosses, their clients, partners, spouses, friends, and families at all times. However, what are the physiological or physical downsides of our obsession with technology? Is technology actually causing physical harm to our bodies?

Let’s Dissect Mobile Technology First!

The massive influx of mobile technology in recent years has certainly helped to move society forward (or backwards you could argue!), but has it damaged human evolution? For example, how often have you found yourself trying to walk through a store, walk down the street, or stand in line at the grocery store only to find yourself stuck behind someone with their neck bent in a nearly 90 degree angle staring at their phone?

While it may be a nuisance, and annoyance, or even a straight up inconvenience, let’s return to the idea that the person causing the inconvenience is stuck in their own digital world with their neck bent at an extreme angle. We all know for a fact that we’ve been subjected to this very same phenomenon – and we’ve also been on the end of actually being the inconvenient person!
Now, let’s think about what that constant neck strain does to our bodies! As of today, over 200 million people currently own a smartphone in the US and over 2 billion people worldwide own a mobile device! That means that nearly a quarter of the world’s population could potentially damage their body just from constantly looking down at their phone all day!

The Desk Job

For many of us, our careers revolve around a desk, a chair, and a computer screen. Never mind the ways in which our eyes can be affected – let’s focus on our bodies. When sitting at a desk all day, posture is absolutely key – but does anyone actually know how we’re supposed to position our bodies when forced to sit at a desk all day?  Every year, thousands of Americans experience chronic back and neck pain strictly due to technology!

Orthopedic Associates

Here at Orthopedic Associates in Denver, Colorado, our team of orthopedic experts can help to ensure that you no longer have to feel the pain that often comes along with technology! If you’ve been experiencing neck or back pain, but are struggling to come up with any real reason as to why you’ve been experiencing these types of pain, contact us today! You may be falling victim to technology!

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