Is Surgery The Answer For Pain? Maybe…

And There Are Types of Surgeries That Could Even Shorten Your Stay In The Hospital

In today’s day and age, new cutting-edge and innovative medical procedures, tools, and treatments are constantly making the rounds amongst surgeons, doctors, and orthopedics alike. However, choosing which form of treatment is right for your particular ailment is always going to be a difficult question to ask yourself, and a difficult decision to make, and from more angles than one!

Think about it this way: Patellar Subluxation Syndrome is a genetic ailment that affects the patella, or your kneecap. With this particular type of syndrome, the kneecap does not sit flush in its groove as it is specifically designed to do so. Because of its positioning, the patella can slide out of place rather easily, causing tremendous discomfort to the patient and can even cause them the knee to fail with even basic movements.

Now, there are multiple ways to try and remedy this type of syndrome. While physical therapy could help to strengthen the muscles around the knee to help keep the patella in place, surgeries that go so far as Total Knee Arthroplasty can actually be considered as well. Making that decision is certainly going to be a tough one. Rehabilitation for a surgery like TKA can be quite tedious and lengthy, while physical therapy may not be as effective as each particular patient may require.

While both of these treatments are certainly viable options, deciding which one to pursue is certainly going to make for a difficult decision. And you are certain to ask your surgeon, doctor, or orthopedic a number of questions before you decide.

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