Here Are Five Alternative Treatments That Don’t Require Surgery!

It’s no secret that hip and knee injuries continue to plague individuals anywhere from their teens to their senior years. As high-impact joints that experience frequent trauma from sports and physical activity to simply the effects of daily life, orthopedics are constantly searching for alternative treatments that help to restore these critical joints without the need for surgery.

If you’re someone who currently suffers from hip and knee arthritis, but simply does not want to go under the knife for treatment, here are five exciting and cutting-edge alternative treatments that don’t require surgery.

Medical Alternatives

There is always a medicinal option for treatment when it comes to arthritis symptoms. There is a whole world of medications that range anywhere from joint pain solutions, to anti-inflammatory medications specifically designed to target the knee and hip. There are OTC nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that can be taken both over the counter or prescribed by a doctor. You may know some of these as Motrin or Tylenol.

Physical Therapy

While it may seem counterproductive, physical therapy is a fantastic way to rid the body of arthritis symptoms by working on your joints and helping them restore their mobility through low-impact physical exercises and treatments.


As with anything, your diet is always a critical aspect of eliminating pain and maintaining a healthy life. When it comes to arthritis, dieting can have a significant impact on the symptoms that you experience. Plain and simple, added weight can increase your arthritis symptoms by placing more stress on your critical joints in the knee and hip. As a do-it-yourself arthritis treatment, maintaining a healthy diet can be your first line of defense in preventing the onset of symptoms or in reducing current symptoms.

Hip & Knee Braces

The world of orthopedics is no stranger to assistive devices and medical equipment like hip and knee braces, and in fact, many of those who suffer from arthritis embrace these products and swear by them. A brace provides you with the added support that you need, so that you don’t have to over stress your joint and continue to inflame the area, which results in painful arthritis symptoms. You can think of products like a cane, a walker, or a knee brace as the types of assistive devices that we’re talking about here.


Similar to the medicinal treatments for arthritis, there are also injection solutions that could be tremendously beneficial for whose who require a more effective form of treatment without going so far as to schedule a surgery. Injections are quickly becoming the most popular alternative treatment and they can delay the need for surgery from anywhere up to a few months to a few years – and in some patients, it could eliminate the need for surgery entirely!

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