Tips & Tricks To Stay Safe In The Cold

If you’re an avid runner, then it’s safe to say that nothing will get in your way from your morning or afternoon lap, right? Even when the cold weather finally hits, you still remain committed to getting outside and enjoying your routine run just as you would any other day of the week or time of year – in essence, it’s become part of who you are.

However, running in the cold just isn’t the same as running in the warm and cool weather. Your body reacts differently to the cold weather, which means that you need to ensure that you’re well-prepared to stay safe while running in the cold. Take a look at our tips and tricks down below!

Stay Hydrated
As always, remaining hydrated is always of the utmost importance when doing any sort of physical activity. However, running in the cold can cause you to become dehydrated just as fast as you would if you were running in the heat – even if you can’t feel yourself breaking a sweat!

Get Your Body Warm Before You Begin
With any type of workout, warmups are always key for heartrate. But when running in the cold, it’s important that you warm your body before you break out into the cold for your run. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should engage in a pre-workout warmup that gets your heartrate up – it simply means that you should get your blood flow up enough that your body feels warm.

Dress Appropriately
Dressing for a winter run can seem like a challenge – but in reality, it’s pretty straightforward! Simply dress as if it were 20 degrees warmer. We always recommend layering and adjusting as needed if you become too uncomfortable throughout your run. Layers are key!

Warm Running Shoes Are A Must
Nothing is worse than cold feet and cold toes. And when running in the cold, this can quickly become a problem! Always be sure that the running shoes you choose to wear are solid fabric – in other words, no mesh! Always keep your feet warm, be sure that your shoes have strong grip, and maybe even look for water-repellant shoes to help ensure that you remain warm and dry throughout your winter run.

Change Your Clothes After You’ve Finished
Remember, your clothes are always damp after a run – but when you run in the cold, they become damp and cold. It’s always recommended that you immediately change out of your damp running clothes as soon as you’ve finished to ensure that your body gets back to the appropriate temperature. This will help to ensure that your cold winter runs don’t end up making you come down with a seasonal cold.

Ready To Go? Give It A Shot!

For your next winter run, be sure to give our tips and tricks above a shot. We want to ensure that you stay safe and healthy all winter long without having to skip out on the passion that makes you, you. Get out there and stay safe!

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