CrossFit… everyone is doing it? But what is the deal? If you haven’t watched a class you are missing out. It is certainly a spectacle to behold, but is it safe for everyone? Let’s take a look at the perceptions and truths about CrossFit-style workouts. 

“Danger ahead! CrossFit is one of the top most dangerous sports in existence…”

Actually, no. Not according to the data. In a study from Wales, self-reported CrossFit injuries were reported at a rate slightly over 3 injuries per 1,000 of workouts. That is about the same reporting frequency of sports like jogging, running and is actually lower (safer) than rugby injuries. It is safe enough that the US Military and Department of Defense have adopted similar programs for warriors abroad. 

“Totally safe. Even Grandma and Grandpa can do it.” 

Well… not so fast. If everyone could roll a tractor tire followed by running handstands then every Dr. on earth would be prescribing nothing BUT CrossFit. The truth is it depends. CrossFit classes are as safe – or as dangerous as those that are teaching the class. Instructors aren’t usually licensed medical professionals, so beware. If you are participating in a CrossFit style class and something doesn’t feel right then skip it. Same goes for younger children and teens as would for older athletes. Dr’s like the team at Orthopedic Associates of Denver hopes that these organizations bring on and continue to innovate using real medical professionals to keep the sport moving safely ahead.  

“It’s a fad. Like 80’s aerobics or the Thighmaster.”

We don’t think so. Why? A very interesting component of CrossFit doesn’t have to do with sumo deadlift high pull-ups or handstand squats. It has to do with the social aspect of the program. Not only is there camaraderie built right in, but competition and support. Additionally, it’s fun to watch and can be considered a spectator sport. Now, we don’t recommend going on American Ninja Warrior without proper training, but you have to admit it is fun to watch a class. So a combination of workouts that can produce physical results combined with fun and a supportive and competitive environment has plenty of positive – and lasting – effects to keep it around for a long time. 

If you have suffered any sports injuries that have kept you from enjoying your favorite sports – like CrossFit or others, make an appointment with the Drs at OA. Perhaps we can get you back to performing mad burpees and improving your box jumping skills at CrossFit…

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