Tips To Help You Get Back Up & Moving Again

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say that our daily lives have been disrupted in more ways than one. With social distancing, quarantining, and isolating, it’s likely that you’ve been stuck at home. Sure, perhaps working from home has given you some more free time to get out for a run, to go for a hike on your favorite trail, or to hit the open road on your bike for an intense cycling session. And while increased exercise is certainly a good thing, it can also put more stress on our bodies, leaving us with little option other than to call the doctor. But wait, what if you’re just not comfortable enough to go and see your doctor during the pandemic?

No worries – we’ve got a number of helpful tips that you can use to care for your injuries at home. Follow our tips and guidelines to ensure that you can treat your injuries quickly and get back up and moving again.

Ice, Ice, & More Ice

At the end of the day, icing your injury is one of the first and foremost steps you should take when treating an injury at home. No ice pack on hand? No worries. You can use a bag of frozen vegetables, crushed ice, or even a slab of frozen meat wrapped in a towel if you’ve got nothing else. Whatever you do, be sure to rotate the ice or the cold pack for about 15 to 20 minutes – in other words, 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. Do this at least three times a day to help prevent inflammation and to soothe pain.

Try A Heat Compress

Even after icing, if you’re still experiencing some inflammation, you can try a heat compress to drain the area from excessive fluid buildup. If you don’t have a heat compress available, you can fashion a long bandage wrap and wrap it tightly around the infected area – but be sure not to tie it too tightly. If you feel numbness or increased pain, try loosening it up a bit to allow blood to flow back in.

Give Yourself Plenty of Rest

Remember, our bodies crave rest and sleep each and every day – especially when we’re sick, injured, or struggling with another physical ailment. When you’re injured, it’s absolutely critical to give your body the recovery time it needs to heal properly. Take a break, give yourself some time to rest, and allow your body to heal itself naturally, while giving it the necessary attention and care along the way.

Experienced An Injury? Call Us

Here at Orthopedics Associates, we’re always standing at the ready to provide you with home care instructions for a wide variety of injuries. If you believe your injury is severe enough for a visit, contact us today and schedule an appointment. We’re experts in sports medicine and orthopedics, and we’ve got our very own surgeon standing by. Call us today.


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