Do you dread the cold winter weather because you know it’s when your joints seem to act up the most? If you tend to experience winter joint pain, you’re not alone. However, a few simple and practical steps will help you ease the discomfort and feel more comfortable throughout the blistering winter weather. By taking the right approach, you can combat that winter joint pain and enjoy the cooler weather conditions!

#1. Wear Layers of Clothing

The colder weather can stiffen the muscles when the temperature drops, ultimately increasing your chances of experiencing uncomfortable and irritating joint pain. A straightforward way to combat this issue is to wear additional layers of clothing before going out to keep yourself from feeling too cold. Thermal underwear underneath your regular clothes, thick socks, gloves, and a scarf are just some of the many garments you can use to keep yourself warmer so that you will experience less joint pain.

#2. Hand and Foot Warmers Are a Must-Have

Another way to keep yourself warmer to prevent winter-related joint pain is to use hand and foot warmers. You can buy these warmers in packages of 10 or more and use them daily, placing them inside your socks, shoes, and gloves. The hand and foot warmers benefit anyone suffering from joint pain in the winter because they’re affordable and work well to soothe those aching joints in no time.

#3. Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Some people experience more joint pain in the winter because they no longer live an active lifestyle. If the colder weather keeps you from jogging, going for brisk walks, and participating in other activities that keep you busy, you may spend more time sitting, which can contribute to your discomfort. Try to find activities you can do indoors to stay active and occupied while keeping your joints in better condition.

#4. Treat Yourself to Warm Soaks in the Bathtub

After a long day of dealing with cold weather, nothing feels as good as soaking in a warm bathtub full of your favorite essential oil blend. Soaking in warm water can ease your aching joints and help you relax and unwind after such a long day. Try to sit in the tub for a minimum of 20 minutes to get maximum relief from your joint discomfort.

#5. Use Compression Garments

Compression garments can also help with joint pain during the long winter months. High-quality compression tights and socks are two top choices for those who typically experience increased pain and discomfort when the temperature drops and it starts feeling too cold outside. In addition, you can wear compression clothing under your regular outfit for added protection. Not only will the clothing help keep you warm, but it will also relax your muscles and potentially reduce your pain.

If you don’t look forward to the winter because the cold weather contributes to your joint pain, leaving you uncomfortable and irritated, try following these simple tips. Keeping yourself warm while outdoors, living an active lifestyle, and soaking in a tub full of warm water are just some of the many ways you can combat winter-related joint pain.

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